Plum –A beauty Brand offering natural and delightful goodness for your skin
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I hope you guys are taking well care of your skin! Winter winds are really harmful for our tender skin and everyone whether women or men should follow a proper routine to take care of your skin. And when we are talking about skin care, allow me to introduce you all to PLUM!
Yummy name! Hey I am not talking about the fruit plum, but I am talking about an exclusive organic / natural beauty brand named PLUM! (also known as Plum goodness!) And it’s wonderful too!


Plum –A beauty Brand offering natural and delightful goodness for your skin
I really like the name of this brand and its tagline too i.e. Plum- Be good!
You will be fascinated to know that Plum is India’s one and only online beauty brand. Exclusive range of Plum beauty and skin care products is ONLY available at
Founded in 2013 by an enthusiast Chemical Engineer, this young and revolutionary beauty brand was created in a London design studio with products designed in the EU. Plum offers 100% natural beauty products which are totally FREE of harsh chemical ingredients like Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, PABA and SLS. This means you need not to worry about skin as totally natural and organic ingredients are used to make the Plum products.
Another thing that caught my eye and impressed me was its philosophy. They say they don’t make fairness or skin whitening creams because they believe natural and healthy skin is the prettiest no matter what the complexion is. Well said Plum! I totally agree to it. I wish all girls get this clearly that it’s not the complexion color but the natural health of the skin that makes one look beautiful.
Plum products are good for all skin types including oily, dry and sensitive skin. 
Go check out PlumGoodness.Com for 100% natural and organic beauty products
At Plum, they are very serious about caring for our planet and nature. They are strictly against animal testing and they avoid using non-recyclable plastics in packaging of their products like ABS, PVC and SAN. And the best part is, they (At Plum) give away 1% of their sales to environmental non-profits org – ‘One Percent For The Planet’.  This means if you buy their products, you will automatically help our planet.
When you visit, you will be able to explore the wide variety of products. You can pick products by skin type (oily, sensitive etc.), by product type (cleanser, scrub, toners etc.) or by range type. Taking about ‘Pick by range’ type, they offer exclusive range of ‘Hello Aloe’, ’Green tea’, ’Choco latte’, ’Mineral makeup’, ’Grape seed & Sea buckthorn’ products. All of these exclusive ranges by plum are worth giving a shot.
Some other cool features of Plum Goodness that will impress you:
-Free shipping
-100% money back guarantee
-Accept popular method of payments like Visa, Mastercard and American Express
-48 hour delivery to major cities in India
-COD available in major cities
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I am highly impressed with this exclusive online-only beauty brand and I am surely going to pick products for myself. I strongly suggest you to try plum at least once, and I am sure you won’t feel disappointed!
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