Benefits Of A Gratitude Journal -A Way to Positive Life

Why Is A Gratitude Journal Important For You?

You must have heard about Gratitude Journal? If no, then let me tell you that Gratitude Journal is a Journal that leads to a positive life. Trust Me! It is great to maintain a gratitude journal instead of maintaining a daily journal or a personal diary. Personal diary writing is often preferred by people. They love to write all the happy and sad things of their day in to that diary.

Benefits Of A Gratitude Journal -A Way to Positive Life
Benefits Of A Gratitude Journal | img:favim

I used to do it… But many years back. And flipping those pages especially pages that have bad incidents, was like scratches an old wound until bleeding starts. It is really bad to remember bad times. Though, it gives you strength… but not all hard and bad times provide you strength. (I am going to discuss this point in another post).

Since, I have started maintaining a gratitude journal… I feel positivity all around me.
You can jot down things for which you are grateful. You can thank God for blessing you and giving you small little reasons for happiness.

It is very simple to maintain a gratitude journal. All you need to do is take a diary and write down 5 things for which you are grateful. You can write anything in that list. I, sometimes write silly things like ‘I am grateful for flowers which makes my messy office table look beautiful’ OR ‘I am grateful for technology, It has really made my life simpler!!’ You can also express your gratitude to God, when a particular problem of yours gets rectified or you can express your gratitude to you family… your friends… your neighbors or even your pets!

Even scientists have proved that people who write Gratitude Journals are more healthy and happy. It also helps in alleviating depressions making you stronger from within. Don’t think much, It is not that hard… You can write any thing that strikes your mind at first place. Daily, list down 5 things of which you are grateful… And feel the change.

I hope this post will help you and encourage you to start maintaining a gratitude journal!

FYI: I am currently using The Secret Gratitude Journal.

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