Why It Is OK To Cry?

All of us are emotional and there are several types of emotions that we undergo on regular basis. People think it is not OK to cry. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes, angry, sad, furious and so on. In reality people accept all kinds of emotions except tears.

 Why It Is OK To Cry?
Why It Is OK To Cry?

You would have heard many a times that shedding tears is not a healthy sign. People try consoling you and take efforts to make you stop crying. If you are a man, crying is not acceptable. But, as per scientific research crying helps you in mental balance. It is a healthy sign.

There is no point in holding your emotions and waiting for the right moment to come so that you can cry. You need to accept that something wrong has happened and it is OK to cry. There could be stress, failure, health issues, mental block or any other disaster in life. There are times when you are unable to balance the personal and professional life. You might have had a love failure. Someone important or close has passed away. What do you do in such scenario? Of course, go and talk to your loved ones or someone whom you trust. But, what if you do not have any such soul who can understand your feelings?

It is better to be one’s own companion when nobody’s there to help you out. Crying helps you to release stress and it is a feel good factor. It releases the stress hormones and calms your brain. Holding your tears is not a good sign as it will suffocate you internally. Crying is a sign of letting go. Just stand in front of the mirror and cry.

Cry till you can and just look at yourself. Embrace the person that you see in the mirror and talk to self that everything happens for reason and it is better to let go off the tears.

There will come a phase when you won’t feel like crying and everything inside you has been released. That day, promise yourself that you won’t cry again for the same thing and will not make your heart suffer.

After all, you deserve to be happy! Trust me.

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