My version of #10YearsChallenge : If 1 thing I could tell this innocent naive college girl of 19 years, I would tell her that you are strong, stronger than you can ever imagine in your worst nightmares.

#10YearsChallenge -Anamika Mishra

People will hurt you time and again, and will leave you too, but you have to be strong and listen to your heart to make wise decisions. I would also tell her that don’t worry about the bad decisions, they will make you the person who in coming years will inspire millions of other naive and innocent people around you. I would tell her to keep on loving your family just that way you do, because family first, ALWAYS! Be strong and stand for your family!

There will be times when you will feel like giving up on everything but think, years after you will look back like me and will smile on whatever happened. You just have to be strong and keep going on! There will be times when you will cry and no one will be there to listen to you. Trust me, that will be a better situation than crying with someone, because there will be things that you wouldn’t want to tell to anyone but your own self and being alone and crying alone will help.

I would tell her that focus on positive. There is a lot more to come, don’t limit your imagination because in next 10 years you will feel proud of every step taken and every journey taken!

I would tell her that life will go on, no matter what! Keep walking, keep believing and keep spreading smiles just the way you do!

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