Happy 11th Anniversary, Dear Blog!
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Happy 11th Anniversary, Dear Blog!

Wow! 11 years! Time actually flies. I vividly remember the first time when I saw a TVC about saving tigers where it said- spread the word, send messages, write blogs, do what it takes- only 1411 left. And this line triggered the curiosity in me about the word ‘blog’. I quickly searched on Google -what is a blog? I clicked the first result I saw the first thing -Sign up, create a free blog! And then started this beautiful journey of blogging. Date was 15-December-2007!

Happy 11th Anniversary, Dear Blog!
Happy 11th Anniversary, Dear Blog!

That time in 2007, 15th December, I didn’t know this hobby will one day turn into a full time profession. In fact, I had no clue that we can earn a good and desired lifestyle by blogging. In 2013, when my first book got released, I decided to take writing as my full time profession and hence started blogging professionally.

Its feel amazing as I write this blog post. I have learned so much, seen so many ups and downs but now after 11 years, I want to look back and smile and be proud of where I am today. Still we’ve got miles to go and this is IMPOSSIBLE without YOUR LOVE and SUPPORT my dear readers. So, stick with me and I promise I will keep on writing for you all.

You know what, there were times when I decided to delete so many posts that made me sound naive, kiddish and (kinda) silly. But then I thought, that’s actually the best thing. Those old posts have that personal and innocent touch to it and those priceless posts show my evolution as a writer.

So, today I have decided that I will begin to share personal stories and experiences on my blog again… as I used to do it when I started this blog as a hobby.

And on that note, here are some of my favourite posts published here on this blog. Checkoo!

Happy happy! 11 Years of blogging. WOW! 🙂

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