21 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Calm Your Soul

21 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Calm Your Soul

Being kind doesn’t cost you anything, though it can bring back a lot- a lot of joy. satisfaction and calmness. You don’t really need to be a millionaire to be kind and make donations of thousands of rupees. You can be kind in your daily life too. I have a habit of doing random acts of kindness in my daily life and I suggest you to make it a habit too. I have never shared this before but as you being my valuable reader, I couldn’t resist sharing this.


21 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Calm Your Soul


21 Random acts of kindness that will calm your soul:

  1. Help an old-aged person cross the road
  2. Help a Mom by asking her to hold her baby while standing in a queue
  3. Compliment someone randomly, in real not on social media
  4. Buy a poor kid an ice-cream or maybe a packet biscuits.
  5. Keep a water-bowl for birds at your balcony
  6. Gift flowers to an old man or lady
  7. Give Salute to the traffic police officers
  8. Offer water to the courier boys
  9. Help someone with reversing the car
  10. Help someone watering the plants and trees
  11. Offer a hand in lifting heavy packages or boxes to someone
  12. Lend your umbrella to someone in need
  13. Ignore, despite of arguing
  14. Forgive
  15. Buy from a street vendor anything, it might cost you 10-20 rs but for them, it’s a price for one meal.
  16. Write positive notes to someone randomly, appreciating their work and efforts
  17. Give treat to your home helpers, maid and man servants
  18. Offer help in clicking a photograph, when you see someone or a couple trying to take their own photos
  19. Take help from a kid and enjoy the smile on his or her face. Like, you can simply say hey you are so strong, would you mind helping me keep that book? Kids love to be appreciated, it makes them happy and boosts their confidence.
  20. Avoid a fight with your parents
  21. Be kind to your own self and forgive your heart for every mistake.

I hope these random acts of kindness will inspire you to be kind. Try yourself, feel the difference and yes, you can thank me later! đŸ™‚

Take care!

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