Sunday is the best day of the week and all of us wait for it. Lot of plans are made well in advance for Sundays so that we enjoy this day and prepare for the remaining week. We often go out for shopping or movie on Sundays! Well, that’s a good way to spend Sunday but there’s more to this amazing day. Here are my 5 best tips to spend your Sunday in an awesome and productive way.

How To Have A Best Sunday? My 5 Best Tips!
How To Have A Best Sunday? My 5 Best Tips! | image:tumblr

5 Better Ways To Spend Your Sunday:

Boost your Sunday:

Most of the days we are in hurry-burry to rush to office and college and as a result we end up skipping our breakfast or eating less. The only day when you can have a splendid breakfast is on Sunday. Add more proteins and smoothies to your breakfast.


Wondering what you gotta prepare on Sundays? Yes, you can prepare for your entire week so that you can save a lot of time in the coming week. You can prepare a list of to-to things for the coming week. Set your outfit for the entire week.

Care for your skin:

The only day when you can pamper yourself is Sunday. You can opt for a parlor appointment or try skin care remedies at home. Do not miss oiling your hair. Cleanse and scrub your skin. Go for manicure and pedicure.


You would have been taking shower just for the heck of it. How about taking an aromatherapy bath on a Sunday? Your entire body will be relaxed and your cells will be rejuvenated. Add essential oils to your bath.


You do not have to wake up early and get ready for your office. Sundays are the days to stretch your sleep for longer hours. Wake up late on this day and complete your sleep cycle. You must have a relaxing sleep. Watch your favourite movie, series or read a book. You can also go out to a park & spend some me-time!

What’s your way to make a best of Sunday? Share via comments section below!

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