6 Fab Tips To Make Monday Your Favourite Day Of The Week

We all get Monday Blues. We hate Mondays, I know. Yes, we all really shudder with the mere thought of Mondays approaching us. But can we ignore it? No! We got to face it. And trust me when I say this, but I DON’T GET MONDAY BLUES. In fact, I like Mondays and it’s a start to a new set of opportunities. Here are 6 fab tips to make your Monday more interesting, and you never know. These tips might make Monday your favorite day of the week.

6 Fab Tips To Make Monday Your Favourite Day Of The Week
6 Fab Tips To Make Monday Your Favourite Day Of The Week | image:tumblr

Here you go!

Do something weekend-ish today:

Does Mondays mean that you cannot meet your friends or cannot hang out with them? If you want to get a feel of weekday, just go out post office hours and hangout with your friends.

Wear something new or dress up:

You don’t have to show your dullness through your clothes. You can dress in a style to add a feel good factor. Most of the times the feel good factor comes from your clothing style. Yes, you have some good collections in formals these days. Pick one and try it out!

Eat something different:

If you have been following the same eating pattern on the weekdays, it is time to bring a change. Order for a different dish or rather orders your favourite food. You might feel good and may not feel like Monday.

Change up the music selection:

Yes, music can make a whole lot of difference in your life. It has been proved by research that music can lift your mood. Try listening some peppy music which will keep you happy. Stay away from sad songs.

Add a picture to your workspace:

You can keep a family picture or a picture of your spouse or your pet’s picture. Look at them and smile. They not only adore your desk but you will always feel connected to them even while working.

Follow these simple tips and you are sure to have a great Monday. You can also think about the coming weekend and try working on the weekdays.

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