Kanpur, situated on the banks of holy river Ganges is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. It was formerly known as Cawnpore and was once known as the Manchester of north India. The fact that Kanpur is my home city, it makes this city even more special for me. There are so many historical sites to visit in Kanpur, I wonder why tourism doesn’t promote it. There are some more amazing facts about Kanpur that I will share later but for now, here are 11 best places to visit in Kanpur.

11 Best Places To Visit In Kanpur
J. K. Temple in Kanpur

11 Best Places To Visit In Kanpur:

1. Allen forest

Allen forest or Zoo is one of those zoos in India that are actually natural forests. Make sure you have minimum of 5 hours for this zoo. It is one of the biggest zoos in India.

2. J. K. Temple

J. K. Temple is also known as Shri Radhakrishna Temple is a very beautiful temple located in the heart of Kanpur. During the evening, this temple looks even more beautiful. Perfect place to spend a peaceful evening with family and friends.

3. Blue World Theme Park

This is a newly opened theme/amusement park which is a must visit place in Kanpur.

4. ISKON temple

Situated in the outskirts of Kanpur, ISKON temple is my most favorite place to visit in Kanpur. It is about half hour drive from the city. You must not miss the aarti observed here, it is a divine experience.

5. British Library

British library situated in the phool bagh of Kanpur is an old heritage site and one of the biggest public libraries in India.

6. Brahmavart Ghat

It is situated in the bithoor area of Kanpur. Brahmavart ghat is a holy site where people worship and observe various rituals at the banks of river Ganges. Also, you’ll be fascinated to know that it is also the center of the Earth.

7. Valmiki Ashram

Kanpur has lots of historical and heritage sites. Valmiki ashram is one of the oldest ashrams of our nation. It is that place where Valmiki ji wrote the Ramayana. Also, mata Sita too stayed here with her sons Love & Kush. There is a sita-rasoi (sita’s kitchen) and Love-Kush temple here in Valmiki ashram.

8. Ravana Temple

Yes! We have a Ravana temple here in Kanpur too. This temple only opens during Dusherra. Read more about it HERE.

9. Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj ashram

This is really a nice place to visit with family and kids. Here we have lots of temples inside one which includes a replica of Vaishno Devi temple.

11 Best Places To Visit In Kanpur
Sudhanshu ji maharaj ashram

P.S: Sorry for the bad picture. It’s been over 9 years and that time when I clicked the pic, I had Nokia 6600 camera phone. I will update the pic as soon as I visit the place again.

10. Ganga Barrage

If you have read my novel Too hard to handle, you must have read about Ganga barrage too. If not, go read now. šŸ˜‰

11 Best Places To Visit In Kanpur
Ganga Barrage, Early Morning Scenes
11 Best Places To Visit In Kanpur
Ganga BarrageĀ 

11. Kanpur Memorial Church

Kanpur Memorial Church was built in the year 1875, to pay homage to the British people, who died in the war of 1857. Designed by Walter Granville, an architect of east Bengal Railway, the church reflects the Lombardic Gothic style of architecture.

How to reach Kanpur?

National highways and expressways pass through Kanpur. It is approx 8 hours drive from Delhi.

Nearest airport is Amausi airport which is 1 hour drive from the city.

Kanpur has a Kanpur central station which is well connected to all parts of our nation.

Best time to visit Kanpur?

Best time to visit Kanpur is from November to February.

Best hotels in Kanpur?

The Landmark, Royal Cliff & Vijay Intercontinental are the 3 best luxury hotels in Kanpur. You can also book OYO rooms and other budget hotels in Kanpur from your favorite travel app.

Bonus Tip: You may visit Kanpur during any of the cricket matches that happens in Green Park stadium. The frequency of cricket matches is really good in Kanpur.

I hope you enjoy likes this list of best places to visit in Kanpur. I will add more photos as I click.

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  1. After Watching Famous Hindi TV Soap ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar par hain’ and reading your blog post I am keenly interested to see Kanpur (Kanhapur).

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