Top 21 New Year Resolutions To Make This Year

Top 21 New Year Resolutions To Make This Year

Top 21 New Year Resolutions To Make This Year

I know like thousands of people, you also make many new year resolutions every year and then break it or may be forget about it after some time. But no worries, my list is something that you yourself will want to follow every day. Yeah?

But 21 New Year resolutions? Is it too much?  Well that’s Ok! You are allowed to cheat here. You can pick your choice from the list and make resolution. But yes, all of these are real good new year resolutions and are perfect to elevate your life and lifestyle.

Top 21 New Year Resolutions To Make This Year
Top 21 New Year Resolutions To Make This Year – image:favim
  1. Accomplish the incomplete
  2. Monitor your progress regularly
  3. Quit a bad addiction
  4. Quit a bad habit
  5. Spend at least 30 minutes on yourself everyday (for health/fitness)
  6. Spend at least 15 minutes every day for your hobby
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Pay off your debt
  9. Donate for a good cause (not regularly, but once in a while or once in every 3-4 months)
  10. Learn to be organized
  11. Spend time with family or if you are away from your family, talk to them every day for at least a 1 minute
  12. Travel to a new place
  13. Get a new gadget
  14. Make a new friend in reality (don’t approach on social media)
  15. Let go your past
  16. Overcome 1 of your fears
  17. Develop a habit reading news or watching news every day
  18. Give a handmade gift to someone
  19. Set a goal and try to achieve it till December
  20. Don’t take yourself for granted
  21. Love yourself

So this was the list of 21 new year resolutions to make this year. I hope you like the list. Tell me if you have already made a new year resolution via comments section below. By the way, my new year resolution includes all of the above listed stuff and few more extra, like to complete my incomplete book projects, be more focused for blogging, make more youtube videos, travel more and do lots of good things!

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