Remember Content Is King

Remember Content Is King

Throughout your blogging career, you will have to remember this. CONTENT IS KING. Without a good content, your blog is nothing.Your content should be either-

1) Entertaining, or

2) Informative

If you content has nothing to do with the above 2 terms, then you are surely going to lose the game.Try to maintain the quality of content. Avoid SMS lingo or typos or grammatical errors. Readers hate to struggle with content and if they come across hiccups, they might close the tab and would never return to your blog.

Also, not just the text part, but include as many relevant pictures you can include in your blogpost. Readers love to see pictures, especially GIFs. They’re fun, you see!

Key note to remember is, text should be original, pictures should be original and if you are using pictures from another website, do mention source of it.

Length also matters, when writing a blogpost. Ideal length of a nice blogpost that is search engine friendly is from 350 words to 650 words.

And sometimes, you can post 2000+ words article too, it always helps. But don’t post it regularly! Like the ratio should be, 1:50.

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