Creating Your First Blog

Creating Your First Blog

Creating Your First Blog
Creating Your First Blog

Creating Your First Blog

Now that you have picked a perfect name, domain name and platform for your blog, it’s time that you create a blog. (Refer Older Stories link beneath this blogpost)Creating a blog is very simple.

You simply need a gmail id, for blogger blog and any email id for tumblr or wordpress or any other blog. If you are putting up your own domain name, then follow the instructions given on the website form where you purchase your domain.

Once you are done with creating a blog and putting up your custom domain, its time that you complete your blog.

By ’complete your blog’, I mean adding the social media button of your social media channels, so that your readers can join you on facebook twitter, etc. Also, don’t forget to create a good ‘about me’, ‘contact me’, ‘disclaimer’, ‘privacy policy’, etc. pages.

You can search of google and get endless examples of these pages. But key note it, DO NOT COPY-PASTE from anywhere on the web.

Yes, this is the most important and basic rule for blogging. If you don’t want your blog to get blocked or stuff like that, then use only original content.

It would take hardly half an hour to write and create these pages, and once you are done with it, go publish your blog!

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