Hyatt Regency Delhi – Perfect Way To Make The Most Of Being Away From Home

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Finally, I am here to share the best of what I experienced during my stay at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.
Hyatt Regency Delhi – Perfect Way To Make The Most Of Being Away From Home
Without any doubts, my experience of Hyatt Regency was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!! This was a different experience and I will tell you why? Mostly, all 5 stars promise you with amenities and facilities with a concept of making you feel ‘home away from home’.
Here, in Hyatt Regency… they believe if you are away from your home… you try to make the most of it. And hence, they make you experience the best things to pamper yourself and make the most of being away while you stay at Hyatt Regency.
This idea really impressed me. Of-course, there is no place like home but still, there are certain things that you can’t experience at home. And Hyatt promises the best of making the most of being away from home.

Hyatt Regency, Delhi – A Tour

Starting with this beautiful – THE MANSION – It’s an event space. What I liked about this ballroom is this Italian chandelier which has fiber optics in it. Totally loved it. Also, this is one of it’s kind event space that is oval in shape and has live kitchens.
The Mansion, Hyatt Regency, Delhi


The Mansion, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

And here’s the award winning Chinese restaurant – The China Kitchen.

The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Here only I met Executive Chef Marin and had lunch with him. Not forget, the food was SUPER YUM!

With Head Chef Marin At The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency

La Piazza- Oldest Italian Restaurant in the city.

La Piazza, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

The Sidewalk – Perfect for your instant hunger pangs!

The Sidewalk, Hyatt Regency, Delhi


Latitude 66, Recreation and Chill-out zone of The Hyatt Regency, Delhi


The Luxury Apartments of The Hyatt Regency, Delhi


A walk-through zone… I loved it
Latitude 66 At Night, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

And yes, the food here in all the 6 kitchens were super awesome.  I
had the best of authentic Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and
Continental cuisines here. (All veg, and that’s what impressed me a

The 6 Kitchens were:

-The China Kitchen

-La Piazza

-TK’s Oriental



-Regency Club Lounge

Apart from this, I tried some great continental cuisines at The Polo Lounge during the cocktail hour.

The Polo Lounge, Hyatt Regency, Delhi


The Cafe, Hyatt Regency Delhi


TK’s Oriental, Hyatt Regency, Delhi



Hyatt Regency Delhi – Perfect Way To Make The Most Of Being Away From Home


Hyatt Regency Delhi – Perfect Way To Make The Most Of Being Away From Home


Regency Club

Mine was a King Club Room. It’s a luxurious room with beautiful view outside. People who go for king club rooms have special access to king club lounges and complimentary cocktail and canepes during the cocktail hour in the evening. The guests accommodating these rooms are provided with Limousine or BMW cars to make the most of this luxurious life. Mine was a BMW 525D. I also had access to all the other facilities like spa, gym, pool, Hyatt wi-fi and lots more.

Regency Club Zone, Hyatt Regency Delhi




Hyatt Regency FAM Tour
View from my King Club Room at night
And as I was Regency Club member, I also rewarded with #GetCarded where I had to pick 1 card from three, and then I got a special gift for that card. I picked ‘Good Hair Day’


And then, I got this wonderful surprise hamper. Yay!
#GetCarded #AtHyattRegency #Ad

 Club Olympus, Spa, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

And the best way to pamper yourself is visit a good SPA… Club Olympus offers spa, gym, salon and fitness facilities. I opted for Special Rose Aroma therapy which was really good. My executive Dolma also taught me few basics of pampering self at home. It was a heavenly experience.

Spa, Club Olumpus, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

And if you travel alone, you know that at times you need someone to chill out with. The Hyatt concierge staff was really good. They accompanied me all the time and now, I can say I am friends with these people. Warm and really friendly, would be the right things to say about the Hyatt Regency hospitality.

Warm And Friendly Staff – Hyatt Regency, Delhi

All in all, I loved my experience of making the most of being away with Hyatt Regency, Delhi.

I’m surely gonna come back!

7 stars to this 5 star! #Cheers!!


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