10 Important Safety Tips For Road Trips From My Experience

10 Important Safety Tips For Road Trips From My Experience

So, I am back from my another super wonderful road trip. I have been a bug of travel since childhood and have been on long road trips a lot of times. I mean, really long ones. As you all know, my home city is Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh… All of my road trips start from this place only.

To tell you all, I have traveled to distant places like Mumbai [around 1500kms from Kanpur), Kedarnath (approx 1200kms from Kanpur), Badrinath, Vashni Devi and lots more via road from Kanpur, that too with my family in my own car. My friends get really astonished on hearing this. I have traveled day and night on long routes. (Now you know why I call myself a travel freak!!) And all the credit of traveling on roads goes to my dad and brother…!!

10 Important Safety Tips For Road Trips From My Experience
10 Important Safety Tips For Road Trips From My Experience

So after traveling on such long routes in my car, I decided to share few important safety tips that I learned from my experience of long road trips.

Next time, when you pack your bags and are ready for a long road trip, do keep these 10 safety tips in mind:

1- Charge your cellphone 100% before leaving your home. It would be great if you have a cellphone-car-charger too.

2- Call a mechanic and tell him to do a full check-up of your car to ensure that your car isn’t sick!! Tires, battery, oil, lights, fuses etc. should be checked twice.

3- If you can’t stay awake whole night, DON’T travel at night. That might be a risky option for you. If you want to drive all night and cover up the distance, sleep for at least 4 hours before you start your journey. And yes, do take a bath before leaving home.

4- Check your first-aid kit twice.

5- Do keep a flashlight (torch) with you in your car.

6- Don’t carry unnecessary luggage with you. Keep only important and required things in your luggage.

7- Have at least 2 extra water-bottles kept in your car, which can’t be accessed by everyone. Keep those extra bottles for emergency. Not every route has good restaurants and motels.

8- Snacks are must to keep!!

9- Try wearing comfy clothes while traveling. Avoid wearing ornaments and accessories too.

10- Avoid stopping your car in every next motel, restaurant or dhaba. This is also applicable for petrol pumps and village shops.

So, these were some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while going on a road trip. Hope these help!!

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