Best Dog Movies

10 Best Dog Movies I Go Crazy For, Every Time I Watch ‘Em

Best Dog Movies
Best Dog Movies

Eee!! I am so excited to write this post!! Its about Dog Movies. Gosh!! Dogs are really wuffy heroes. No wonder, they are great in everything… May it be making you laugh out loudly, cuddling on the couch, playing around in the house, jumping and wagging, rescuing and protecting us, and lot more! Dogs are really really special. And my bond with doggies is kinda different. My love for doggies is on another level, especially my Ronnie. He [Yes, I am using ‘He’, instead of ‘IT’- Any problem?] is my whole world of happiness!!

Best Dog Movies

Not only Ronnie, but my love for tuffy, tommy, woofy, scooby and everyone’s pet is never ending. Gosh, I become so exicited when I talk about waggy doggies. And you know what… write now I am writing this post and my Ronnie is wagging his tail standing in front of me! Ahh, He is damn cute!! :x
Anyways, so here’s the list of best dog movies I have never seen. If you have missed out watching any of the listed movies, you should go and watch that movie right now!!;;)
#1– Eight Below
Eight below is my most favorite doggie movie. Gosh, this movie truly redefines friendship and loyalty.
#2– Marley and Me
Gosh, the book and the movie… both made me cry in the end. I love you Marley!!
#3– Lassie Come Home
This a timeless classic movie. You ought to watch it. Yes, go watch it. Trust me!! Its fab!!!
#4– Old Yeller
A beautiful tale of a yellow dog!! The amazing story that people of every generation will love.
#5– Beethoven
Beethoven is funny and cute. Discover the new way of pet-parenting and dog love with Beethoven.
#6– Scooby Doo
And when watching scooby doo cartoon whole day was not possible because of the changing cartoon shows on cartoon network, Scooby doo movie came in to the rescue!! Woohooo… scooby dooby doo, where are you? we got some work to do now!!
#7– 101 Dalmations
Ohh, how on earth can you think that I forget to include 101 dalmations in my list!! It is the most cutest movie on dogs. Gosh, it has sooooo many cute pups!! Awww!!
#8– Must Love Dogs
I will also include ‘must love dogs!!’ in my dating profile somewhere in future, just like Sarah!!
#9– Bolt
Cute doggie wondering that he has super powers. Awww!! I love Bolt mmuah!!
#10– Air buddies
Gosh, I am really thinking to train my Ronnie just like air buddies. I love air buddies.
So this was my list… ummm wait!! I want to include ‘The Mask’ too in the list. Though, it is not a dog moive but it has MILO who played a very important role in rescuing Stanley from the jail. Remember how he jumped and help Stan! Well, there are lots more movie that I want to include but have to wrap up writing now!! Else, I will list ALL the dog movies I have ever watched including Hum Apke Hain Kaun, Teri Mehebaniya, Adventures of Tintin, Hachi, Turner & Hooch, My dog tulip, A dog of Flanders and lots more!! ;))
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