I’m Back From Ooty – List Of Places You Must In Ooty

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Ooty

Heya! I am back from my holidays. 

And to tell you all, my holidays were FAB! Though I have been to OOTY previously, but then I was just 6 years old. I grew up gazing at the beautiful ooty photographs and always asked dad to plan a trip to ooty once again. Thanks to my brother’s engagement which was in Bangalore, that we got a chance to plan our trip to Ooty, Mysore & near by places. And yes, our trip became more exciting when we took my brother’s fiancee (i.e. My would-be Bhabhi) with us on this trip. In this post, I’m gonna share the most beautiful places to visit in Ooty.

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The Blue Mountains and attractive food and the adventurous sports are
all that will make you feel so very exciting and energetic in Ooty!

Ooty is one of the most favorable spot for spending in the hills. The Nilgiri Mountains is awesome to be viewed from the hotel windows. It is so lustrous and green and looks so heavenly. You can add your enjoyment by going for trekking at night with your friends in the bed of the Nilgiri hills. That is a real excitement and fun for the adventurer and wanderers who have the spirit to do something new.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Ooty

The green shop is also another preferred place for shopaholic people.  There are wide varieties of all the home decorative materials, garments, jewelries to make you crave for buying.

Boating at the pykara-lake has that unique feeling and experience to be enjoyed while watching the scenic beauty of the nature all around you and gossiping with your friends and family members.

To roam around in the toy train can make every one very relaxing and get that scope to forget all the worries and depressions of your daily live.

Horse riding at the north lake of Ooty can be enjoyed by paying some minimum bucks. Everyone can enjoy horse riding around the lake. It is a real fun to ride your horse on the hilly terrains.

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The choco-galleris is another very preferred site for children as they enjoy the various chocolates of wide ranges and varieties to match their choices and tastes. You can buy them and carry them for your relatives and friends.

The race course, which is also another tourist spot to be visited at Ooty is made covering a huge area of land.  You can see the racers practicing in the course along with their trainers in the particular horses to ride.

So get, set and go to one of the most preferred spot in India- Ooty and enjoy.

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