Life Is Like A Slot Machine Of A Casino
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Life Is Like A Slot Machine Of A Casino

When we talk about slot machines and casino, the word gamble comes to mind. So, is life a gamble? In a way, YES! Nobody can deny that life brings us many opportunities but the rate of success you get out of any opportunity depends upon a lot of factors like your hard work, resources and luck! There is a risk involved in every step you take in life be it the institute you get admission in, the course you take up, the spouse you choose or the job you take up.

Life Is Like A Slot Machine Of A Casino
Life Is Like A Slot Machine Of A Casino | img src:

You just cannot eliminate the factor of risk involved. However, you can take calculated risks where probability of you succeeding seems higher. Right from the moment you get up till you go to sleep, life is indeed like a slot machine of a casino. If we consider the current scenario, you search the best slots machine online and and read online slots review and you get numerous of options; and almost all options seems good. It is your gut feeling and you intuition that helps you decide which option to go for!

In Spite of having so called ‘free will’, we do not know the possible variables in any situation. Some days, everything seems to be working in your favour while some other days turn out to be a nightmare. While there are yet others of ‘win some, lose some’ category.

Another thought that comes to my mind is though, life is full of wins and losses, it is full of Hope, expectations and anticipations. So, it is okay to take risks and following your passions. Success is not guaranteed but then, neither is failure. Every moment, our time in the casino of life is ticking away, whether we like it or not we are moving a step closer to our grave every moment and when everything is basically a gamble, then why not do something we are passionate about. If we succeed, we will have money, fame and satisfaction if not, we will have a lesson. We can start over!

I would love to fit in this quote here from Wiss August’s The illusions of hope,

When it comes to matters of heart, there are no quadrants or formulas that can be used to measure the truthfulness of words and actions. It is always a gamble, an educated guess at best.

So yes, if you take bigger risks your potential gain as well as stakes will be higher and vice versa. There is always a fear of losing and a greed for winning. It is only justified that life be compared to slot machine of a casino.

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