So, everyone is updating about world environment day! I hope you too… At-least a status or a tweet can be donated in order to spread awareness. I am assuming that you would have updated something like ‘Let’s save electricity’, ‘Don’t cut trees’, ‘Plant more, Go green’ and all sorts of phrases that would motivate people to take positive environmental actions which would prevent nature and our very own planet Earth.

But I would like to ask, what actually you did? I mean… I am talking about the real world… And not that virtual one… where you spend (waste, to be more precise) most of your time!! I am not afraid to say that these slogans, phrases and status’ will NOT help our environment.

World Environment Day : How I Celebrate The Day + Tips For You
World Environment Day : How I Celebrate The Day + Tips For You

I can understand that it is not possible for everyone to step out and plant trees on roads or to spend whole with power cut-off at your home. But there are little simple things that can be done. And trust me, these simple little things can really help out environment.

Now you must be wondering what are these little things that can be done to prevent nature?

Well… I have answer to this questions.

  • You can simple plant 1 tree at your home or place a plant pot on your office desk.
  • You can switch off the lights and fan when not in use.
  • You can save water.
  • You leave your car or bike for a day and walk or use public transit in place of it.
  • You can water your neighbor’s plants and trees, if you don’t have any.
  • You can replace bulbs and tube-lights with CFLs.
  • And if you can’t find anything apt to do, you can simple donate to a NGO. Your small donation can really help a NGO.

Now question arises, what I did on World Environment Day?


  • I abandoned my car for a day. I used local rickshaw visit the near by market.
  • I bought 4 plants and got them planted in a park nearby. The care-taker was really happy with this contribution of mine.
  • I motivated kids around me to save save and electricity. (I hope they will follow what I taught them)
  • I bought 2 plants for my own terrace garden.
  • I signed up for Go Green initiative. (Now I am part of two organizations – PFA & Go Green)
  • This might sound silly, but I didn’t charged my cellphone and laptop tomorrow. I managed to work till the battery lasted. After my phone’s and laptop’s battery got drowned- I simply switched them off. That was my way of saving electricity.
  • And the part is, I did not updated a status or tweet on Fb or Twitter… neither I criticized govt. for their carelessness regarding our environment nor I blamed posted sarcastic things about the NGOs and Organizations etc.

I simply did what I could do… And trust me… I am feeling very happy after celebrating this World Environment Day in my style. I know whatever I did was not at all enough to save the nature… But at least I am satisfied that I did something towards Mother Nature. If everyone in this world do such small little things everyday… I am sure… We together will surely be able to save nature and prevent our Earth from natural disasters.

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