As we all know, our country India is on the top list when comparing eating habits. Due to the unique culinary culture with varieties of cultural choices Indian eating habits are known to contain the healthy ingredients. The cooking style, the preparation, the time of eating, the types of food and its varieties with rich content of spices fruits, vegetable and herbs is what makes it perfect eating habit. You will be proud to know that the flavour and the nutritional content in the Indian eating habits have been marked and are followed by many developed countries. 
5 Indian Eating Habits That Are Good For You
The benefits of Indian eating habit are many, and I will be discussing five of its very important benefit:
Spices has healing power: 
Coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, mustard, cumin, cardamom, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, funnel seeds all has been proven to have got effective healing power and curing different illness and diseases. Black pepper, turmeric are antioxidants. Black pepper taken with hot ghee in cold will cure sore throat. Turmeric in warm milk will increase immunity. Mustard, fenugreek, cumin, cinnamon all have antiseptic and antibiotic property to boost immunity.
Most of the dishes prepared in lunch or dinner like curry, dal will contain pinch of turmeric which controls cholesterol and blood pressure. It also reduces risk of heart attacks. Cardamom refreshes breath and helps in digestion. Mint leaves, curry leaves increases flavour and causes weight loss. 
Fresh preparation and cooking:
We Indian does not support eating cold, chilled or packed food for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Though the preparation is hectic still we follow the rule. Preparing hot meals helps better digestion and controls bacterial and viral deposition in food. Cooking food above 90 degree through frying or boiling, as we usually do when preparing curry, dal, rice, and chapatti kills any microbes or insects.
Drinks are flavoured:
Even the beverages and drinks like lassi, nimbu pani, milk shake, tea, aam panna includes herbs and spices which gives that wonderful taste and adds freshness. Drinking lassi after heavy meal will enhance your digestion. Drinking aam panna or nimbu pani in hot dry weather will give you energy and make you cool from within. Lassi, nimbu pani, masala doodh, chai—there is an endless list of Indian non-alcoholic ter; you can be served with drinks with an eclectic assortment of spices, herbs and flavors! 
Steamed rice and chappati as staple food:
We Indians have rice and chappati in our dinner and lunch which is easy to prepare. Along with this we include dal, vegetables, salad and dahi. So all the nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, vitamin and minerals are present to make a balanced diet. 
Chutney and sweet to end meal:
Indians love to end their meals with something sweet. Chutney is one of the favourite sweet dishes which is prepared with yoghurt, mint, cucumber, coconut, walnut, ground peanuts. Other sweets like gulab jamun, malpua or kheer is preferred. This will make you energised. 
Isn’t it awesome to know that our eating habits are healthy do! Do share this with your near and dear ones, after all they should also know this. 
Take care!

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