How is life going? Enjoying! Last night it rained so heavily followed by thunder storm, though it was scary but I loved it.It changed the climate from hot itchy to cool and soft. 
Okay! So today I would like to tell you something really important for those who will be on their 30’s after some months or years. (like me, I still have 5 years to turn 30) 
Turning 30 makes you matured and bring confidence and realization of what to do and what not to do. It is no less than a milestone so, before you turn 30 and get overloaded with lots of responsibilities and mature life, here are some really fun and important things you MUST do before you turn 30. 
30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30
1. Learn to file taxes on your own to know what and how much government is taking from your income.
2. Go for a crazy photo-shoot. (May be, dress like a superman or a minion.)
3. Vote for elections which will make you aware that you are one of the responsible citizen.
4. Read 30 books of life changing to make you confident and understand reality.
5. Run a marathon which will help you face risks and challenges better.
6. Try a blind date.
7. Attend a conference or seminar
8. Attend a musical concert
9. Quit job, if it is painful
10. Involve in games and sports or dance sessions to keep you fit and healthy
11. Enjoy adventurous trip of skiing, water sports, rock climbing with friends
12. Drive alone to your favourite destination
13. Learn cooking various types of dishes which will help you to impress others and eat tasty and healthy homemade food always
14. Go for a road trip, not alone
15. Deliver a presentation or speech in farewell or wedding or get together to be remembered by others
16. Learn any foreign language like German, French, Spanish
17. Exercise and shed those extra kilos to look attractive
18. Stop always complaining and having negative attitude towards others
19. Learn swimming which will help you to be active and can save your life during floods
20. Sing or act in stage to make you feel confident and be remembered by others for your performance
21. Stop spending on items which are for luxury and recreation, instead invest to get good return
22. Learn to save an amount every month
23. Watch different kinds of movies to know life better
24. Be the role model of someone by doing or working out something really meaningful
25. Learn to dress as per occasions and be stylish and confident altogether
26. Be responsible to care for other elderly
27. Get inked
28. Test drive on your dream car
29. Be positive and try to solve problems instead of creating for others
30. Have a 4am friend to whom you can call and gossip any time
This was the list of 30 things to do before you turn 30. Do you want to add more? Shoot via comments section below.

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