Staying fit is a necessity these days and there are ample ways to remain fit. Here are new age workouts which are perfect for women:

11 Easy & Effective New Age Workouts, Perfect For A Busy You
11 Easy & Effective New Age Workouts, Perfect For A Busy You | image:favim


There are several dance forms and in each form you will lose calories. Dance is fun to carry out.

Power Yoga:
It has been carried out since the ancient days and have proven results. There are several asanas that can make your body flexible. Yoga is said to melt your fat.

Contemporary dance:
It has several moves which makes it a perfect workout.


This exercise is fast in beats and is sure to help you to lose weight. You will sweat and the toxins will be out from your body.


It helps in strengthening the muscles.


Looking for some strength and power? Forza is based on Japanese sword fighting technique.


It is the best cardiovascular form of exercise. It makes your bones and heart strong.

Marathon running:

Running is the best way to remain fit. You do not need special training to run.All you need is perseverance.


Confused which form of dance to choose? Try out Doonya which is a combo of Bollywood, jazz, and hip-hop. It needs high energy levels and you are sure to burn your calories.

Aerial Yoga:

Want to float in the air? Try aerial yoga which is carried out using special cloth material. You will carrying out asanas in the air. A perfect workout!


This form of dance requires huge energy and is a sure way to burn calories. It will strengthen your entire body.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Choose the best form of exercise and carry it out on everyday basis. Set a target and see the results.

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