Recently I started a new night routine. Though, I sleep around 2 AM but I always follow a night routine before I sit for my work. I do my night routine (the things I have shared below), change to my night outfit and then sit to work on my books. 
Previously, I used to do dinner, watch TV and switch on my lapy, do work and go off to sleep. This routine was not at all good (and unhealthy too!). Also, when you get up the next morning, everything seemed messy and untidy. My laptop lying beside my bed with loads of wires (charging cord, iPhone cable), diaries, pen, sticky notes etc. which made me feel like already-tired-for-the-day! 
I know you too must be having a similar kind of night routine. If yes, then time to change it right from tonight, after you are done with dinner. 
#NightRoutine : 5 Things To Do Before You Retire For The Day
Here are 5 things to do before you retire for the day!
1) Decide your outfit for tomorrow. This really helps in the morning.
2) Brush your teeth, cleanse/wash your face and do your hair. Even boys can do their hair by putting on a healthy hair-oil etc. I simply comb my hair and put a loose band, girls can do this!
3) Tie-off trash! It saves time in the morning where you simply pick the trash-bags and hand it over to the cleaner or discard it onto the trash-van.
4) Set 3 priorities tomorrow and note it down!
5) Clean up your house’s mess. Put everything on it’s place and make your bed for sleeping. 
These are really good night routines to follow. It makes things easier and tidier for the next day! 
Until next time! Ciao!
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