My Envy Box February 2016 Review
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My Envy Box February 2016 Review, Products & Price

Valentine’s month is coming to an end. I really hope you had a good February. January is a the trail month of 2016 while February is (kinda official) start of 2016. So if you still haven’t, now it’s time to pull up your socks. In this post, I am going to review My Envy Box February 2016.

This month’s My Envy Box was actually themed around the celebration of 15 glorious years of Forest Essentials- Luxurious Ayurveda. It has 5 samples from Forest Essentials.

My Envy Box February 2016 Review
My Envy Box February 2016 Review

FE is one of the trusted brands that I use. I love it’s rose facial mist and hair serum. This time My Envy Box gave me a chance to get my hands on to the products by FE.

My Envy Box February 2016 box had:

1) Silkening shower wash (with madhurai jasmine & mogra)
2) Ultra rich body lotion (with mashobra honey & vanilla)
3) Luxury sugar soap (with bengal tuberose)
4) Lightening & brightening tejasvi emulsion
5) Facial scrub with hand pounded organic fruit

I have tried silkening shower wash so far and I liked it. It is as luxurious as all FE products are. The fragrance is beautiful. I am yet to try other products. I shall post the individual reviews as soon as I try the products.

All in all, I liked this month’s My Envy Box, but it could have been better if they have included few mists and perfumes too.

My ratings: 3.5/5

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