Music is the essence of life. It has a great impact on life. It has been proven from the ancient days and none of us can deny about the benefits of it. Research has proved that it has the healing power. There is no exact era that talks about the origination of music. Many researchers say that music has existed since forever.

Today, no longer people have to struggle to get an access to music. Thanks to the technology!  There are Mp3 players, CD players, walkmans, iPods and so on. The television also has exclusive channels that play music round the clock. Internet is a great medium to listen to music of all genres.

Impact Of Music On Life:
Music is said to positively affect the human life. The music therapy is said to heal the patients who has been suffering from strokes and other related ailments. Stress and depression are major problems of the youth these days. It is said that listening to music helps you to cope up with stress. It uplifts the mood and brings the change in the happy hormones. It also slowly calms the mind and the entire body muscles that is said to impact the human life.
Impact Of Music On Life

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Talk about creativity and music has a great contribution to it. It exercises both left and right brain, and makes an individual to think better. If you talk to an artist, you would get to hear the actual correlation between mind and creativity.  A student is also said to benefit from the power of music. It helps to calm the mind during examination. The music played in the Temple is very soothing to ears as well as mind. It releases positive energy and the vibes can be felt.
The listener should always play the music of his choice. The time and situation also plays a major role in it.  It is said that playing sad music might connect you to sad moments and make you feel depressed. If you have ever noticed, music is even played in fitness centers because it is said to motivate the participants.  It creates an adrenaline rush and inspires the participants to take that extra step.
Thus, music is said to play a powerful role in life. There is no particular time to play music. One can start the day with music to calm the mind. You can opt for some instrumental music or some bhajans to begin the day with. You will definitely be calmer and composed. Some soothing music before hitting the bed can help you to sleep better. If you are insomniac and are in need of sleep, you can always try out music therapy. 
Hope this article has been useful. Do add music in your life and see the change. You can also try out live concerts to experience the best.

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