Summer is almost here and I am sure, you must have planned for a nice beach or hill station vacation.

Traveling is so much fun! And so are Airport layovers. Yeah, I might sound insane to you but to be very frank, I love spending time on airports.Yes, I never find airport layovers boring. Previously, when I was not a frequent traveller, I used to get bored in the airport but now I never find waiting in the airport boring. And there is reason for this.

You must be wondering how to survive long airport layovers without getting killed by boredom. Well, its kinda simple and I’ll tell you how!

Stuck at the airport can annoying and long layover while waiting for a connecting flight is terrible for some people.
Entering the airport to visit any place can be so enjoying and entertaining. But after you find that you connecting flight are delayed and you are to be stuck inside the airport for long… you don’t know how to kill the time. 
Well, the most easiest way to kill time in airport I find is to do these 4 things:
-Do shopping
-Click pictures & selfies
-Read books
How to survive long airport layovers!
There are some other unique and very effective ways for recreating and enjoying yourself to pass the long hours of layover time for your connecting flight. Just stroll around in small steps to look out and explore the airport. You can go the shop and buy some small gifts or chocolate box for your dear ones back home. This will keep you engaged and make you pass your time choosing for the right thing.
Ask your fellow traveller or you friend to accompany you and go for a short local tour for 3-4 hour s to and see the famous landmarks around the airport. Another very good tip to pass your time and give you entertainment and glimpse of the renowned spots of the place
Freshen up yourself y splashing some water on your face and hands. Use astringent or rose water to give that freshening effect to your skin.
Kids can get bored fast, so try out some spots nearby to entertain your kids and keep them busy. Give them the games and the puzzles to solve and they will forget about everything else. Coloring books and sketching books also interesting thing for kids.
You can also spend some time visiting the lounge in the airport, here you can have some food stuffs to eat, shower yourself to relax and also rest for a while. Take a nap as sleeping inside the fight is not always possible.
So, next time you have a long airport layover. Just keep these tips handy and have a great time!

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  1. Hi there, this is really nice post. Travelling is always hectic only if you take it in a different stride and certainly this post can change someone's view about travelling. Informative post & keep writing it dear!

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