7 Fantastico Hacks To Get A Sound Sleep

Sleep is the best thing that has happened to mankind. Who wouldn’t love to get a sound sleep? And trust me, the best way to de-stress is to sleep for few hours. One is sure to feel more relieved and relaxed. There are times wherein we do not get sleep, no matter how much we try hard. There could be various reasons to it.
Here are few hacks to help you to get a better sleep:
7 Fantastico Hacks To Get A Sound Sleep
7 Fantastico Hacks To Get A Sound Sleep

Go with your internal clock:

Everybody has a system and a sleep pattern. If we try altering the sleep pattern, the sleep routine will definitely get disturbed. Thus, frame a habit and go according to it. You are sure to experience a better sleep.

Switch off the lights:

If you are using your mobile while you are on bed, your sleep will definitely be affected. Bright screens and bright lights have a deep impact on sleep. Switch off all the lights and say away from electronic gadgets an hour before you go to sleep. Light are said to alert the brain, hence it takes away the sleep.

Wear socks:

Yes, if you stay in cold climate or are experiencing winters, do wear socks before you sleep. Let your feet be outside the duvet, if you are feeling hot, but do not remove the socks. Regulating body temperature is a must for a nice sleep.

Take a shower:

Yes, showers are just not meant for alertness, they induce sleep as well. When you throw yourself in a tub of warm water, the temperature of the body rises. Once you are out of the shower, there is a sudden drop in the temperature of the body. This signals the brain to go for sleep, thus helping you to have a beautiful sleep.

Lavender effect:

Inhale some lavender oil or use a room spray that contains lavender. Lavender is said to calm the body and induce sleep. Do not use it if you are pregnant or allergic to this aroma.


Yes, it has a deep connection with the sleeping pattern. Exercise everyday so that you sweat out the toxins, relax your muscles and remain calm. Exercise will give you a feeling of tiredness which will help you to sleep. Do not carry out exercise an hour before you sleep as it will make you active. Try more stretching exercises. There are certain breathing exercises in yoga that helps in sleeping. Do try it out!

Do not drink plenty water:

Yes, you read it right. Remaining hydrated is the best way to treat your body. However, avoid drinking water before you sleep as you will have the tendency to urinate.
Hope this article has been useful to you. Do follow these simple hacks to sleep peacefully. Prepare your mind for sleep and it will obey your command. Let me know if you have any other hacks that helps in initiating sleep. Do share your feedback via comments section below.
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