calcium rich vegetables
calcium rich vegetables

Vegetables are really good for our health. I am a hard-core vegetarian and I rely on the benefits of vegetables. Calcium is very essential for our health. It is important to keep our bones and teeth strong. Proper amount of calcium intake can help us fight many diseases and health problems. People usually rely on milk for calcium, but there are many other vegetables that are calcium-rich and should be consumed regularly.In this post, I have listed 7 fantastico calcium rich vegetables that you must include in your meal.

1) Kale
Kale is one of the best vegetables ever. It is a rich source of calcium along with other essential nutrients and minerals. kale has 45 distinct varieties of flavonoids which helps you stay fit and strong.

2) Broccoli:
Broccoli is yet another calcium rich vegetable. Not only in calcium, but broccoli also contains good amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins. You can eat broccoli salad along with your dinner to see visible activeness in your body in just few weeks.

3) Spinach:
Remember how Popeye used to eat a can of spinach which provided instant energy to him to fight with Bluto? Well, not exactly like that but Spinach is actually very good for health. It actually makes our bones stronger and improves our body posture. It also boosts our immunity quickly.

4) Soybeans:
You will be surprised to know that soybeans contains 175 milligrams of calcium in 1 cup serving. This means, Soybeans is really rich in calcium but make sure you buy 100% organic soybean because there are few companies and vendors who sell chemically treated soybeans which are really bad for health.

5) Garlic:
Garlic adds a little taste to every dish. But did you know that 1 clove of garlic contains approx 5mg of calcium. So, now you have another healthier reason to add garlic to your food.

6) Okra or lady finger:
lady finger or okra is also a rich source of calcium. Though, eating too much of okra is not advisable but you can have okra thrice in a week.

7) Collard Greens:
Collard greens are a rich source of calcium and vitamin A. Proper amount of collard greens intake can improve your body posture and make your bones stronger.

Calcium is an important mineral for healthier and stronger bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency can lead to problems like osteoporosis and rickets. While having a good amount of calcium in body can help maintain your blood pressure and prevent colon cancer.

You will also be surprised to know that calcium has been looked for helping in accelerating weight loss and height gain.

So, these were the list of vegetables that are rich in calcium. I really hope you found this article really helpful. Do share it with your friends and family in order to make them aware about the benefits of calcium and the vegetables that are rich in calcium.

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