Before  I begin to share some really interesting facts about left-handers, I would .like to tell you all that I am a LEFT HANDER too! Yes!
So, while writing this post I was equally excited to create this list as much as you are, to read it. And I know, most of you must be left-handers! Also, it might interest you to know that some of the great personalities from history were also Left Handers, from Albert Einstein and Alexander the Great to Osama bin Laden and Jack The Ripper and Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 
15 Fantastico Facts About Left-Handers That Will Make You Say ‘Oh Really?’
Let me now share 15 fantastico facts about left-handers that will surely make you say ‘Oh Really?’
1) 13th August is celebrated is World Left-Handers Day
2) Left-handers are creative and innovative.
3) Some scientists says that left-handers may die 9 years earlier than an average right-hander.
4) Also, Left-handers are more likely to become alcoholics, dyslexic and schizophrenic.
5) Many years ago, being a left-hander was seen as a nasty habit and a sign of criminality, neurosis and rebellion. People were also imprisoned for being a left-handers.
6) The word ‘Left’ has been derived from an Anglo Saxon word ‘Lyft’ which means broken or weak.
7) There are still some cultures in he World which outcast left-handers.
8) In many parts of the World, children are punished in school because they use their left hands to write.
9) Osama Bin Laden was a left-hander.
10) Over 50% of mice, cats and rats are left-pawed.
11) Left-handedness is due to a gene called as LRRTM1.
12) It has been proved that left-handers are better in dealing with multiple stimuli and are good at multi-tasking because the connections between their left and right side of brain is faster, as compared to the right-handed people.
13) There are only 10% left-handers of an entire Globe’s population.
14) Left-handers possess good memory.
15) Left-handers are quick learners!
When I came to know that still there are some parts of the world, where being a left-handed is considered as a bad habit or a sign of criminality, I was really shocked. I am glad that there is nothing like that in India. Though, people are always feel surprised when they come to know that a certain person is a left-handed. It happens with me a lot of time. Not just in schools and colleges, but even during my book-signing events I have faced the same. People start discussing about me being a left-handed and how I perfectly justify the phrase ‘All left-handers are creative people’.
But I always enjoy the reactions of people when they come to know that I am left-hander. It actually makes me feel as if I am special. What are views on this? Also, do you know the name of any notable left-hander? Do share via comments section below!

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