10 High Cholesterol Foods
10 High Cholesterol Foods

There are foods that increase the cholesterol levels in the body. The following are the 10 High Cholesterol Foods to avoid In order to stay fit and fantastico:

This is an ideal choice for breakfast for most of the people, after all it is rich in proteins. Remember, eggs also adds to your cholesterol levels. No, I am not asking you to chuck it from your diet, limit your consumption.


They taste delicious and it is too difficult to resist them. Cheeseburger can be an option for your lunch, but to take care of the cholesterol levels. Do not opt for double cheese burger as you would unnecessarily add to bad cholesterol. You can also ignore fries and shakes if you are choosing cheeseburger for your lunch.

Macaroni and cheese:

They are full of saturated fats and cholesterol. The only option that you have is to cook macaroni with low fat cheese.


Who doesn’t love ice-creams after all the best for desserts. Let us talk the other side of ice-creams apart from taste. A single scoop of ice-cream contains fats more than a hamburger. It also has more cholesterol than that of 10 glazed doughnuts collectively. Surprising, isn’t it?


Most of the muffins are cholesterol and fats oriented. You can opt for english muffins as they are fat free and cholesterol free. It is difficult to resist temptation, hence one can bake muffins at home with the ingredients of their choice. You can use wheat flour instead of maida.

Sea Food:

Not all the seafoods are good for health. Foods like lobster are cholesterol oriented and must be avoided. Can you believe that 3 ounces of lobster has 61 mg of cholesterol. If you add butter to it, the cholesterol level goes higher. always opt for boiled food than the fried ones.


It is a must for non-vegetarians as it is a great source of proteins. It is highly recommended to fitness freak people. However, let us admit the fact that it is a cholesterol oriented food. The white meat contains less meat than the dark ones. Thus, the choice of meat can always be taken care if you cannot turn to vegeterian. The cooking method also decides the cholesterol levels.


The cholesterol is formed and stored in the liver of animals. Though liver is a great source of iron, one must avoid it considering the cholesterol levels.


The french fries are just too tempting and irresistible. They are easy to prepare as well. If you have cravings for fries, all you can do it chop the potatoes and fry it at home. Use oil that is low in cholesterol levels. The fries that you consume from outside is high in saturated fats and cholesterol levels.

Hope this article has been useful to you. We live a life where junk food has become a part of life consciously or unconsciously. We socialize a lot and any gathering means adding junk food to our diet. We have limited time to finish unlimited tasks. In such scenario we hog whatever we can lay our hands on. It is always better to control the present lifestyle that regret in future. If the cholesterol levels are high, strokes and cardiovascular diseases are for sure. Prevention is better than cure. Thus, change your diet to bring the change in health. Let us know your opinion about this article.

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