Anamika Mishra

VESIM Lit Fest – My Speaking Session

Of all types of events, I’m being invited to, college lit fests are my favorites.

…and without any doubt, VESIM Lit Fest was an amazing experience. I really loved being a part of this fest. The students of this institute are full of enthusiasm and have eyes full of dreams. This is what impressed me a lot.

Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

Meeting my co-panelists and fellow authors cum friends was a treat indeed. Mehrab Irani, Nim Gholkar, Deepak Mehra and Rishi Vohra, its always good meeting friends.

I expressed my views on how it feels being a woman author, to which my answer was ‘a good book has nothing to do with the gender of the author. It’s all about the content! We are authors/writers. EQUAL!’

Sharing my best on tips for being successful at such an early age was also a good experience. I feel lucky when eminent and knowledgeable people address me and call me as an inspiration to people of my age.

All thanks to God for believing in me and making me his lucky child. I promise I won’t let any of my readers/followers down!

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