Sometimes it’s good to be alone? What say? Actually in my case, I prefer being alone most of the times because I love to read and write. And when I am alone, I can concentrate in a better way. But there are times in my life, when I have to be alone not due to my choice but because of the circumstances.
Though, as you all know I always prefer reading or writing when I am alone but I understand the fact that not everyone is an avid reader or a pro writer like me.

Though spending time alone is really good for mine and body. Some quality me-time is a necessity. But mostly people complaint that they feel bored after 10-15minutes when they are alone. And they end-up calling a friend, visiting neighbor or going online.

If you ask me, there are endless options for you to entertain yourself when you are alone other than just reading and writing. Keeping yourself busy in something you like is the key.

9 Peppy Things To Do When You Are Alone

Here in this post, I am going to share 9 peppy things to do when you are alone. Take a cue now!

1.    Watch a movie! How on Earth can I forget to mention this. When I am alone and not reading or writing, I watch a movie.

2.    Make new dishes! You can learn from youtube videos or read recipes from chef’s blog. It’s always fun to cook when you are alone. Must try!

3.    Go for a walk! Now, with ‘go for a walk’ here I mean go alone for a walk. Nearby park would be the best option.

4.    DIY hand or foot Spa! Yes! …and even boys can do this. It’s very simple.

5.    If not spa, then try hair styling or nail art.

6.    Play games. Yes! There are so many options for you. You can play good old video games (mario, contra etc.) or play station or PSP or even on your cellphone. I often play scrabble with unknown players on web. It’s so much fun.

7.    Meditation! Being home alone is a perfect time to meditate. Trust me.

8.    Learn to play a music instrument. Again, there are so many video tutorials available on web. Make a good use of internet. OR you can do scrapbooking, drawing or trying to craft something. Idea is to do something of your hobby.

9. …and if you still are unable to pick an option from the list above. Then go and start reading a book. If you are not into reading novels then you might end up falling asleep. (but that’s a good option too! What say?)

So, these were my peppy ideas. These were just the easiest things that I could suggest you to do when you are alone. Sky is the limit. Imagine, you are alone. You can do whatever you want to do! Let me know if you have more peppy ideas for things to do when you are alone via comments section below. I’d love to know!

Until next time. Ciao!

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