I have kept a lucky bamboo plant on my desk. I have also planted a lucky bamboo in my home’s living room. I am sure, you too must be having a lucky bamboo plant pot in your home or office!! After-all, it is one of the most popular feng shui cures.

Lucky Bamboo – Its Meaning & Significance In Your Life
We all know that lucky bamboo is ‘LUCKY’ for us. Of-course, why not..!! Name says it all. But not all people know the real meaning of Lucky Bamboo and its stalks. Well, every lucky bamboo has a different meaning and serves a different purpose. Though, it is true that all lucky bamboo plants are lucky, but yes… they have a different meaning. And in this post, I am going to discuss the different meanings of lucky bamboo plant stalks. @};-
Now you might be wondering why is lucky bamboo called ‘Lucky’!! Well, according to feng shui principles bamboo plant itself is a strong plant which attracts the auspicious Chi energy [Chi energy can be defined as the ‘life force’ or ‘positive energy flow’]. Therefore, resulting into energizing your home or environment. It is a plant which can survive in any kind of light.
O:)The number of lucky bamboo stalks play a very important role. Following are the meaning of lucky bamboo stalks and numbers:
— Lucky Log
Lucky log is a single log of a certain kind with no root. This lucky log is for growth and prosperity in life. It is best for gifting as a business gift which symbolizes business growth.
— Two Bamboo Stalks
Two lucky bamboo stalks are an expression of strong love. It is also said that two bamboo stalks can double your luck.
— Three Bamboo Stalks
Three lucky bamboo stalks are great to keep at home. It brings happiness, wealth and long life to you and your family.
— Four Bamboo Stalks
You should never ever keep four bamboo stalks in your home or never should gift it to anyone. In Chinese culture, number four is rude and depicts giving death wish to the recipient.
— Five Bamboo Stalks
Five bamboo stalk is for over-all health and happiness of the family. It is for good health, career, relationships etc. This influences your emotional, intuitive, physical, mental and spiritual area in a positive way.
— Six Bamboo Stalks
Six stalks of lucky bamboo attracts wealth, prosperity and luck.
— Seven Bamboo Stalks
Seven lucky bamboo stalks brings good health to you and your family.
— Either Bamboo Stalks
Either bamboo stalks is for growth in relationships.
— Nine Bamboo Stalks
Nine bamboo stalks bestows good luck on you and your family.
— Ten Bamboo Stalks
Ten bamboo stalks is amongst the best of all. It tends to make your life perfect in all areas. It brings good health, wealth, happiness and luck to your life.
— Twenty-One Bamboo Stalks 
This one is usually used for gifting purpose. It is way to sending overall blessings and well wishes to recipient and his/her family.
Now you know the meaning of these lucky bamboo plant stalks and its numbers. From next time, check out the number of lucky bamboo stalks and pick according to what you desire of reaping from it.
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