Friends, there are so many ways to spend weekend. But when it comes down to make plans and decide what actually you should do to kill time or to enjoy leisure (and weekends of course), you get stuck in finding a way out and end up doing the same old weekend routine.

So, I decided to help you old in this and veer your off from your normal weekend routine! Here are 49 ways to entertain yourself this weekend… Hope this list would help!

Ways To Entertain Yourself This Weekend
Ways To Entertain Yourself This Weekend | image:tumblr

1. Read a book! (I suggest VoiceMates or For The Sake Of Love)
2. Go for a walk (twice a day)
3. Meditate
4. Watch a movie (Holiday movies would do!)
5. Talk to your family
6. Clean your closet
7. Go for a goodwill trip (Simply grab few old items and donate)
8. Cook
9. Download a new game and play
10. DIY manicure & pedicure
11. Watch sunset
12. Watch sunrise
13. Try baking a cake
14. Attend a free concert
15. Read blogs
16. Clean your phone’s memory (delete all blurred pics)
17. Clean your laptop too
18. Call a friend
19. Take a hike
20. Go swimming
21. Visit a library
22. Explore your own city
23. Invite friends and have a house party (or a tea-party)
24. Window shopping at mall
25. Listen good songs
26. Fix things in your home
27. Re-arrange and decorate your balcony
28. Gardening
29. Grab an old family album and take a trip down the memory lane
30. Visit beach, hill-side or a park
31. Groom your pet
32. Do random act of kindness
33. Learn new words from a different language
34. Clean your purse or handbag
35. Build a family tree
36. Watch Tv
37. Learn new recipe
38. Clean your car (or scooty)
39. Make a to-do list for upcoming week
40. Finish all your pending work
41. Take a long bubble bath
42. Go for Staycation
43. Play real indoor game (Chess or Ludo would be a good option)
44. Play outdoor games (may be, tennis!)
45. Rearrange furniture of your house and give it a new look
46. Send out handwritten letters
47. Do your laundry
48. Style your bookshelf
49. Take print out of this list and cut out each idea with scissors. Put it into a jar and next time you are bored, just pick one.

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