Despite the fact that most of the people (like ME0 are pathetic in remembering dates, there are some dates that you never forget. 
It’s not magic. It’s just that those dates are special… and even if you try to forget them, you fail. It’s natural! 
Special Dates That You Always Remember
Today is one such date. 27th! I can never ever forget this date and it is something I never want to forget. I lived a dream day today. I was free and I was happy.
It’s rare to live a day when you neither have to worry about work, or time, or money or anything stuff in the whole world. Past many months have been very tiring for me and even though, I tried to take a break from my busy routine, I used to get work related calls or stuff that would not let me completely enjoy my escape. 
Finally a day came, that I lived to the fullest. It was a day of Ganpati Virsarjan in Mumbai, 27th Sept 2015. 
I never felt this way before. Since then, I am feeling re-energized, more confident and lively. 
All I want to say is, Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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