We all live a fast-paced lifestyle… and are usually surrounded by high-tech stuff… and we hardly find time to spend with nature (which is really bad). I always suggest people to spend at least 5 minutes with plants (especially flowers).
#OhReally? – How flowers can change your mood?
Flowers are truly magical.They smell good, they look good and they have the ability to change your mood positively.
Yes, The State University of New Jersey conducted a research which proved that flowers can change our mood in a positive way and can help improve our emotional health.
They also proved that flowers can trigger happy emotions and heightens feelings of life acceptance and satisfaction. Now this is interesting!
I used to love flowers, for they smell good and are beautiful… I didn’t know this fact about flowers and now that I know it… I have started loving flowers even more!
And I suggest you to start loving flowers too! 

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