Pune Book Launch & Reading Session – #PILF2015 Day 2

After yesterday’s panel discussion, my hope for this event had increased and to my wonders, all expectations were fulfilled. I really felt if I would have asked for anything else from God today, he would have granted.
As you all know, things were planned last moment… I was scared and kind of nervous for this event. Reason being is, yesterday’s event was a panel discussion which had bestselling authors with worldwide popularity, and today’s event was my stand alone one.
Nervous hona to banta hai boss! But, Gosh! Today was really a fairytale!
The event went fab! After the launch, I read my most favorite part of the book. Its where Sam makes Tulip realize the important of her family. I almost had tears in my eye after reading this. But the echo of claps made me feel stronger and the smiles of my readers and audience made my day. Here’s a snap just after the launch. This pic has Vijay sir, Deepak sir, Nim and Ritiesh too! They were truly fab!
Much love to all!!

PILF2015 – Book Launch and Reading Session of VoiceMates
VoiceMates- Pune Book Signing

… and here’s the official PILF tweet, while my book reading was going on!

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