Back From My VoiceMates Book Tour – Hangover!

I so badly missed my bloggie and you all. Well, I am back from my book tour and it was fab!
Though I am back from my book tour but still can’t get my mind over it. I feel more inspired. I feel that change in me. I feel this was not just a book tour but it was a life changing experience that has made me a better person.
Met so many experienced and wonderful people like Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai sir, Ravi Subramanian sir, Subhavilas sir, Mehrab Irani sir, Deepak Mehra sir, Shatrujeet Nath sir, Vijay sir and lots more and learned so many things.
Anamika Mishra- Delhi Book Launch
I first met these eminent personalities for the first time and now, we are more like friends. Gosh! I really feel on cloud9 and lucky of-course!
Now, I really feel that being writer is not just a mere profession or passion, but it is a responsibility. A very big responsibility… And I need your love, support and blessings! Keep loving me like this only. This is just the beginning and I have got a long way to walk.
Much Love to all

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