Heya All,
First of all, a Hi5 to all the coffee lovers out there. I am assuming, if you are reading this, that means you love coffee or iced coffee to be more precise! 
Same here! And this the reason why I am sharing my secret recipe to make easiest iced coffee ever. Well, you can thank me later for this… first read on and do try this way of making easiest and awesomest iced coffee EVER!
Easiest Iced Coffee Recipe Ever
Follow the steps:
Step 1: Take 2 spoon of hot milk in a coffee mug and add 2 spoon of coffee into it
Step 2: Mix well, about 1 minute
Step 3: Now add sugar 
Step 4: Pour chilled milk in the same coffee and stir 
Ta-Da! Your iced coffee is ready!  :x
Now, you can add ice-cubes or crushed ice to it to make it more awesome. Also, add hot chocolate or drinking chocolate powder to make it a little more magical. 
Easy na?
Go try now!
And yes, you are most welcome. :D

image courtesy: pinterest

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