6 Luxury Perfumes That Are Below INR 1000 In India

Perfumes reflects personality. And for me, its more like an addiction.

Though, most of you (my regular readers and followers) must be knowing that I am kinda addicted to Davidoff, Dior and Elizabeth Arden perfumes, but this doesn’t mean that I have tried or use pocket friendly perfumes. From Archies gals to UCB, you can get the best of perfumes under INR 1000.

Trust me, it’s a myth that you can’t get good perfumes under INR 1000. Take a look at the list of luxury perfumes you can get under INR 1000.

6 Luxury Perfumes That Are Below INR 1000 In India
6 Luxury Perfumes That Are Below INR 1000 In India | image:tumblr

And yes, I have used all of the below listed perfumes, so take your pick!

1) UCB Let’s Love, Women, 100 ML

Though, MRP of this perfume is around 1500 to 2000, but you can easily get it around INR 700 to INR 800 online. UCB perfumes are really good and long lasting, and this one is my personal favorite!

2) Nike Up or Down, Woman, 75 ML

For the price of 750, you are getting a NIKE 75 ML perfume. That says enough!

3) Diesel Zero Plus Feminine, 75 ML

Price of this perfume is INR 2200, but you can get it online for INR 950 approx. But make sure you don’t end up buying a fake one because there are so many sites selling fake Diesel perfumes, ebay.in is one of those!

4) Fendi Life Essence, 100 ML

Get it for INR 900 on Flipkart. Yes! You can get a FENDI perfume under 1000. Ahh, you can thank me later!

5) Playboy Play It Lovely, 75 ML

Price: INR 695. Pretty nice!

6) Lomani White, 100 ML

Lomani lovers would this one. You can get it for INR 950 online on NYKAA etc.

All of these perfumes are really good and I have used them all. You can play any of these without giving second thoughts. All are from luxury brands, under 1000, long lasting and smell AMAZING.

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