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Recently a reader asked me this question on Frankly.me app. I couldn’t explain my entire thoughts on this question there, so I decided to write a post for him and for everyone out there, who is not happy with the present situation of life.
At times we are really upset and don’t like anything in life. The pain and suffering gets accumulated in our entire mind and also makes us feel to stay away from our near and dear ones. You can be unhappy because of someone else bad behavior or rough talk, your bosses rude words may cause unhappiness, your loved ones negligence might be the reason, your inability to achieve your goals can make you displeased………..
The best way to tackle with your unhappy life in the present situation can be to judge in the right way why and who are the person causing you to be unhappy. Predict and analyze the true reasons why he/she is behaving in this way.
 What To Do If You Are Not Happy With Your Present Life Situation?
Remember this present situation is time being and you can change it only through your own dedications and confidence to fight with the situation. Forget what has happened and try out some alternative solutions or answer to bring positive outcome. Make sure you do not get panicked or tired in less time. Stop thinking that it is not possible; rather think everything is possible through work and effort.
Sit quiet and think all the good things which you have acquired through your own struggle and hard work with devoted performance. Plan all new things and get in touch with all your friends and family who can give you the best support. This will truly give you the desire and the courage to erase all unhappy feelings.
Keep yourself engaged in systematic and routine work schedule so that you can forget all worries and remain work focus. Research and search for better options if your unhappiness is related to your present jobs. Keep yourself focused on the vacancies and posts available in various job sites, decide to go for the new option if has better scope and pay with benefits and allowances package.
If job is the reason behind your unhappiness then either try to love it or try leave it and find another one. 
In the end, what matters is whether you are happy or not?
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