Top 10 Must Have Things For A Short Time Accommodation

We all have faced situation where work took us to varied places and this results in moving our essentials to a new hub. Shifting temporarily can be a lot stressful, as we are captured in the utmost dilemma of what to carry with us and what to buy when we reach our new destination. Here we have provided a basic catalogue of which substances are important enough to carry for a new place and which should be bought spontaneously.
Valuables to carry along are:
1. A Small Toolkit
We all have landlord problems and specially about fixing any minor problems that arise in your apartment. Well a simple tool kit that includes a hammer, screwdriver, power drill, tape measure, utility knife, flashlight, and scissors helps you in handling minute leakage, lock or electric problems. Having multiple flashlights, or extra batteries, is also a good idea for sudden power cut.
2. Pots and Dishes
You will also need pots to cook in. If you are living by yourself and you don’t cook very often, don’t run out and purchase an expensive set of pots and pans that you won’t need; a set of 6 dishes that comes with 6 bowls and 3 pans will probably be sufficient. It would be best if you buy steel items as they are more durable and strong.
3. Bed sheets & Pillow
Take along with you a set of 3 beautiful bedsheets with their pillow cases is a must buy for your mattress. Make sure you bring correct size bed sheet, which would perfectly fit your mattress. A cotton bedsheet is advisable as they are easy to wash and light in weight.
Top 10 Must Have Things For A Short Time Accommodation

4. Medicine Box
Its very important to pay an extra attention, to your health especially when you are moving to a different city. As the weather changes there’s a high chance of our health going berserk. So, every person needs to carry his/her medicinal box.
5. Kitchen Appliances
Appliances like an electric rice cooker, induction stove and roti maker can help you cook your regular food; so if you are the type that cooks, it is better to take them with you.
Things to buy for a new accommodation:
1. Mattress
A good mattress is very important item to buy for a new home, as it’s our basic sleep necessity. You need to buy a mattress that supports your body posture and helps to take a nap in comfort.
2. Curtains
While it would be great if your place is equipped with nice neighbours, who happen to be quiet and keep to themselves, but honestly few of us experience that luxury. So, you will need protection against the outside world in case strangers walk by. Make sure that you purchase curtains, or at least, blinds, if the apartment doesn’t come with them. Please make sure to take  a correct measurement of your windows and doors before shopping for curtains.
3. Floor Mats
Consider floor mats for the bath or area rugs for your larger rooms. Don’t buy items that are difficult to clean, because to dust off the dirt from them would be hands on process. A simple plastic mat is a good carriage item, as its weighs very light and it’s very easy to clean.
Top 10 Must Have Things For A Short Time Accommodation
4. Electrical Appliances
Many new homes are equipped with new appliances, but it’s not always the case. so you can buy a convertible refrigerator- that would not occupy a lot of space, a microwave along with some electrical items like lamps, LED’s etc.
5. Furniture
You don’t have to decorate your new location with heavy furniture, as they occupy unnecessary space. Just buy some basic items like a plastic dining table (generally they are detachable and easy to carry), armchairs and 4 cube styled tools (you can arrange them in sequence and cover them with a nice cloth and voila! your sitting area is ready). Please make sure these items are small enough to be carried and loaded on to a vehicle by not more than two workers.
I hope this housing inventory helps in reducing your home decor confusion for a new place. Its not always possible to wait for weekends to furnish your new home, so we have an option of online shopping. Many e commerce portals provide discounts on amazing home furnishing items that not only look presentable but are also comfortable. In fact on purchase of any electrical or major item, their delivery experts personally fit the product in our homes without any extra fee. With the help of, the leading bargain hunting website in India, you can use coupons on Amazon discounts, Flipkart deals and Pepperfry offers etc which will enable you to save money on all your home decor essentials.
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