What to do when darkness surrounds you? What to do when you feel you are alone in this world? What to do to kill that scary feeling of loneliness? How to fight loneliness and mood swings?

Questions may sound very tough, but answer is very simple.

Get Up and Speak Up!!

A simple ‘Hello’ may lighten and brighten up your mood. Science have proved that talking and interacting with people around you help you lighten up your mood and make you life healthier and happier.


‘I am surrounded by so many people, Yet I feel so lonely!!’- If this is what often happens to you,
Why not try giving a chance to the people surrounding you. Why not make an effort to speak to any one of them? We all have that one person on our life, with whom we can talk anytime. There is always that one person who can listen to your endless blabbers and your sad-thoughts. That may be anyone- Your mom, your dad, your bro, your sister, your neighbour, your room-mate, your love, your bf or gf…!!

And if not, try speaking to any random friend on your facebook or twitter account OR it can be your co-worker or a person sitting next to you on the bus. All am I suggesting is to start a conversation. It will surely help!!

Don’t push yourself away from your social circle, you might end up falling sick. Yes, loneliness can be very dangerous to your health.

So, the next time you feel lonely… Don’t listen to your favorite ‘I am so lonely’ song to deepen that feeling… Instead try taking a walk and talking to anyone around you with a friendly smile.

Going out for a cup of coffee might add an extra charm to that !!

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