I admit that I am addicted to reading. I am biased towards people who read. By ‘read’ I mean ‘read’ anything!! It may be novel, magazine, course book, newspaper, e-book etc. But i often come across people who don’t read. Yes, they don’t read anything!! I hope you are not one of them…!! (As you are READING my blog right now 0_o #lol ) If you are one of those people who hardly read… then this post can help change your vision towards reading. 
Benefits of Reading
Though reading has infinite benefits… But in this post, I am going to share the top 9 benefits of reading. Hope these points gives you a reading-craving !! 
1- It has been proved scientifically that reading helps in improving your memory. Means, if you are a regular reader… you will have a good memory!!
2- Reading helps in stress reduction. No matter how much stressed you are… by reading few good pages of a book or a magazine, you will start feeling better!
3- It benefits your quality of conversations by improving it. Also, it helps in vocab. expansion!
4- Reading increases your thinking capacity and concentration power. 
5- Reading helps you in your mental growth. The more you read, the more active and strong you become.
6- Every book has something to teach… and with every new book or magazine you read, you get to learn something new.
7- Reading before sleeping helps you in getting a sound sleep as it makes your mind more relaxed and calm.
8- Great source of entertainment
9- Reading helps in enhancing your imagination. When you read a novel, you try to portray a picture of the characters and scenes in the book in your mind using your imagination. 
So, these were the top 9 benefits of reading. Well, one thing I must say… If you are reading this blog, this is sign that you like reading, it is just that you haven’t tried reading anything else…!! So, what you waiting for? Go on… pick up a good book (may be my novel Too hard to handle ^_^ ) and start reading right away!! 

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