Happiness Time Capsule My Money Book Ft. Exide Life Insurance

Hey Guys, tell me something, are you happy today? If the answer is yes, then is that all? We are always told to think about the future and plan life accordingly but we always end up ignoring these wise words taught by our elders. We find these boring. But think for a moment! What can guarantee you to have a happy future? Like after 20 years? Today I am writing a blog post, a book or going on regular tours, what ensures that 20 years later too, I’ll able to do all this? Today you are riding your favorite bike or scooty, but think… what about 20 years later? Today you planned that you’ll be buying your favorite luxury sedan car, but what guarantees that Yes this is going to happen for sure?

I have my own plans for my future. I want to writer over 100 books and want to travel the world. But that is after 5 years or may be after 15 years. So, what should I do? Should I just leave everything on time and wait to things get unfolded by itself?

Happiness Time Capsule My Money Book Ft. Exide Life Insurance
Happiness Time Capsule My Money Book Ft. Exide Life Insurance

No, to have a happy future and make my plans turn to reality, I will have to start from today! And the easiest step towards a happy future is to get organized with your money. I don’t say you save all your earnings in to a money bank, but at least organize… you that you know how you have had spent and how much you could have or you actually have saved?

I use this ‘my money book’ to organize my plans and everything. This not only helps me to stay updated but it is also a great tool to ensure my future happiness. When you will start today, then only you’ll be able to reach where you want to after 20 years.

Talking of which, have a look at this heartwarming video by Exide Life Insurance where hubby celebrates a happy today just because he has planned his future well.

Isn’t this video so beautiful?

So, in order to have a long and happy life… you will have to start from today. A well planned life is a secret key for a beautiful tomorrow.

If I had a time capsule, and if I had to leave a message for myself that I’d read after 20 years, the message would be:

“Dear Anamika,
I planned my financials today and therefore, you are happy today! Make sure, you pass this message to the younger ones with you. Thanks for believing in yourself and your strengths. Stay positive. Happy to see you happy today!
Love, Anamika!”

Hope you now know how to ensure ke Kal Khoobsurat Hai!

So, what are you waiting for? Start using a money book just like me, stay organized today and ensure a happy future.

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