#InternationalYogaDay - 9 Yoga Asanas That I Perform Daily And You Should Start Practicing Too

#InternationalYogaDay – 9 Yoga Asanas That I Perform Daily & Are Good For You

So today, the World is celebrating International Yoga Day. It feels really proud and great that our 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge has influenced the World and people are adapting it as a routine and not just as physical workout.

I really feel that Yoga is a lifestyle and not just a mere kind of exercise to stay fit and health. It is a science which unfolds the endless potentials of our mind and soul.

#InternationalYogaDay - 9 Yoga Asanas That I Perform Daily And You Should Start Practicing Too
#InternationalYogaDay – 9 Yoga Asanas That I Perform Daily | image:tumblr

I started doing Yoga few months back and I can feel the difference. I am more patient, calm and happy. My schedule is really hectic so I hardly get time for recreation and fitness-regime. It was getting hard for me to go to the gym regular and that too, in the evening after a long tiring day. I started skipping going to the gym. Then finally I quit going to the gym.

Two (perhaps three) months back, I started doing Yoga. As I am not a morning person and also I sleep late at night, so at first it was really difficult for me to get up early but then within a day or two, I actually started enjoying it.

Now my morning routine is like I get up at 6:00 AM go for jogging for about 15 minutes and then I practice Yoga for an hour. I do not follow any particular Yoga style like Yoga for weight loss, Yoga for long hair or Yoga for beautiful skin etc. I have opted for Yoga that is good for whole of my body.

Here are 5 Yoga Asanas And Exercises That I Perform Daily:

  • – Anulom Vilom Pranayam
  • – Kapalbhati Pranayam
  • – Surya Namaskar
  • – Siṁhāsana
  • – Sukhāsana
  • – Vṛkṣāsana
  • – Gomukhāsana
  • – Balasana
  • – Supta Vīrāsana

All of these Yoga Asanas are really easy and anyone can easily start practicing. I highly recommend all of you to start practicing Yoga daily and you’ll definitely feel the difference in just few days.

Yoga helps you live life to its full potential and therefore, It is important for everyone.

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