20 Good Morning Habits For A Great Day Ahead

Hi All,
We all have different morning routines to follow. But there are some really habits, actually good habits that can made our day great. 
Morning can be good and as we all know the proverb –‘morning shows the day’ –so if we start good we will feel good and this will make our whole day good. Waking up early is a best practice which has been recommended since ages. 
20 Good Morning Habits For A Great Day Ahead
The freshness feeling and the urge to do work on time can be easy if you wake up early and start your day. Drink water to rejuvenate your body and flash out toxins. Exercising or doing some yoga and free hand stretch out plans is fulfilled will be remarkable to make your body and mind to be prepared for the whole days strenuous work. Other habits which will surely have positive impact on your health and mind and improve your performance for the day are listed below. Go read them and try to implement them in your morning routine. 
20 Good Morning Habits For A Great Day Ahead
  1. Listen to some spiritual hymns or mantras
  2. Take shower with hot water
  3. Drink nimbu water
  4. Free hand exercising
  5. Meditating
  6. Lightening incense sticks and oil lamps and praying
  7. Plan the list of work you need to cover
  8. Read phrases or verses and tips or an article which is inspiring
  9. Read the newspaper
  10. Go for a walk or jogging to the nearby park
  11. Drink juice
  12. Take milk or lassi
  13. Write some new things you have heard or learnt
  14. Read the columns of how famous people start their day
  15. Check the messages and e-mails
  16. Answer to all the messages that you’ve missed last night
  17. Eat light and nutritious
  18. Included fruits and nuts in breakfast
  19. Pray to god and thank him for all
  20. Spend some time talking with your family
Yes! These are some of really good habit and best way to start up in the morning. So, make it a regular habit. The above things if followed will create positive environment everywhere and your next generation can also learn the same- to be active and positive in their walks of life.
Hope you will implement these right from tomorrow morning! 🙂 Have a great time ahead.

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