Minnie Mouse Spilling The Myntra Magic – #ItsPersonal

Tell me something, do you love Minnie Mouse more or Mickey? In my case, I’ll raise my hand for Minnie Mouse. Why? Because she is cute, adorable and has stellar style with those dresses, stilettos and bows!

Recently I was totally into Minnie Mouse’s character and clicked a selfie inspired from Minnie Mouse’s look- See! It has pink & bows!!

Minnie Mouse Spilling The Myntra Magic - #ItsPersonal
Minnie Mouse Spilling The Myntra Magic – #ItsPersonal

Doesn’t this pic resemble Minnie? Well, many of my friends said so. Before that, I put a Minnie Mouse DP on my Whatsapp and one of my childhood friends started calling me Minnie Mouse. Duh-Ah! So you could say me and Minnie have a longer history!

But I really wonder- would it have been a very difficult for Minnie to go for shopping alone and search for a perfect pink dress with matching shoes and bow all by herself in a big city with numerous shops?

I can just imagine it, life would have been hard for a cartoon fashionista mouse!

But if Minnie lived in the real world today, I can totally imagine her using the Myntra Magic App. While that polka dot dress of hers is classic, she would have loved the huge collection of designer dresses and awesome shoes with matching accessories that are available on Myntra. She would have expressed her style with a new outfit everyday!

Minnie seems like a true shopaholic, and being a shopaholic myself, I can understand that shopping craving can arise anytime, anywhere… With the Myntra Magic Mobile App, she could have done her shopping while waiting for a date with Mickey! The best part is she could get every outfit delivered right-on-time, with Myntra speedy delivery.

Minnie Mouse Spilling The Myntra Magic - #ItsPersonal
Minnie Mouse Spilling The Myntra Magic – #ItsPersonal

Life would have been easier for Mickey too! I remember how much he had to rush around in a tizzy looking for the perfect gift for Minnie.

With the Myntra Mobile App he could have been the ideal beau, as it has everything you need to win a girl’s heart.

So Myntra Mobile App is just a perfect thing for all the little Minnies & Mickeys living within you, and magic is just a click of a button away from you because this time, #ItsPersonal.

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