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8 Classy Lounges In Mumbai You’ve Gotta Visit At Least Once

Lounges In Mumbai
Lounges In Mumbai

Mumbai is the hub of lounges and pubs. Its no less than a heaven for food lovers. So, on high-demand… Here’s my favorite list of 8 Classy Lounges In Mumbai. Some of these lounges are good and famous for non-veg cuisines but again, to remind all of you, I am a pure vegetarian and the only reason why I have included those lounges in this list is some of my friends forced me to include these as they’re good for non-veg lovers.

But try to be vegetarian guys! Its good.

Anyways, here’s my list of 8 Classy Lounges In Mumbai. Have a look and enjoy!!

8 Classy Lounges In Mumbai

Colaba Social

The Colaba Social lounge is located behind the Taj Mahal hotel. The lounge offers superb facilities for resting and chatting. There are café where tea and coffee with snacks are available. Desserts are also available. Cost for 2 people is 1400/- INR.


The lounge has nice and spacious place to rest and have lunch or dinner inside. There are wide varieties of dishes and meals available. Continental, Mediterranean and American food are served with salads and desserts. The cost of two people for meals is 1200/-INR

He Said She Said

This is a renowned lounge where even celebrities are found flocking down to have their favorite drink and sip into the favorite juice. The lounge has also finger food nd meals available at price of 1400/- INR for two people. I have been to Delhi He Said She Said too, its fab!

Jamjar Diner

The place is lightened with gliterring lights and has hidden gems with superb breakfast menus and desserts to savor. The casual dining of American, Mexican and Italian café included with food and meals available at price 1500/-INR.

The Bombay canteen

The restaurant has all the facilities and has café with casual dining of north Indian, South Indian food served hot and tasty. The cost of two people is 1600/-INR

Anand Bhuvan

Those who crave to eat sea food, north Indian dishes and south Indian food the restaurant is perfect. There are also Chinese varieties of food available here. The cost of two people is 600/-INR.


This is another very famous restaurant which can give you the pleasure of eating Mexican, chinese and Italian food cooked in various style. The cost of 2 people is 750/-INR.


This restaurant is famous for its sea food and north Indian varieties of staffs available in its menu. The place is spacious and airy and the food is tasty. The price of 2 people meal is 1200/-INR.

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