11 Simple Ways To Make You Feel Good Instantly

Instant happiness can be obtained through various ways which will make you feel good and better. Happiness is not at all hard to achieve, all you need is small little things in life that’ll make you feel good instantly.
Allow me to share 11 simple ways that you surely make you feel good instantly. When I feel low,

I try these and instantly I am back to my happy happy form.

11 Simple Ways To Make You Feel Good Instantly
11 Simple Ways To Make You Feel Good Instantly | image:favim.com

1. Shopping
Eeee! Now even the world knows that I do retail therapy to lighten and brighten my mood. Well, but not kidding… it actually works. Do try!

2. Listen To Your Favorite Song
Yes, this is the most effective way I get instant good feeling and be happy. The old classic Hindi songs of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar drives out all my worries instantly. But I don’t listen sad songs like ‘Gam ke andhero se…’, ‘Jab koi Baat Bigad Jaye…’ types, Instead I play happy songs like ‘Likkhe jo Khat tumhe…’, ‘Khilte Hai Gul Yaha…’ these melodious songs are too good!

3. Spending Time With Little Ones
If you have kids at home, no power on Earth can ruin your mood. I can say this because I have my little nephew Yuvi at home and he is my little bunch of happiness. I never ever feel low and whenever (by chance I do) I see his smiling face and cuddle with him, and every problem of mine vanishes like it never existed.

4. Watch Comedy Shows
Switch on and watch some comedy serial and cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Noddy which are instant tension reliever, you will surely laugh aloud and feel better. You can also watch Comedy Nights With Kapil, it’s the best Hindi comedy show now-a-days! Mr. Bean series is fab too!

5. Take Cool Shower With Nice Smelling Shower Gel
After the whole day’s tension and stress, you will surely be relaxed and relieved from all worries when you take cool shower with a refreshing gel bar. Don’t forget to put on your favorite perfume, it’ll instantly lighten up your mood.

6. Talk
Talking to someone on general topics will release the depression and give instant feeling of happiness. I often go on a walk with my mom and talk. It helps me feel better. Also, calling an old friend will help you feel good instantly.

7. Drawing, Painting Or Crafting
Spending time in the extra -curricular activities like drawing a picture, shading a model sketch or painting the natural scenery outside can bring instant happiness. I used to do scrapbooking whenever I felt low. It has been a long time since I made a scrapbook, but definitely this works.

8. Reading
Reading books or novels of your favorite author or writer will be sure sort happiness to give relaxation to your mind and heart. You can also read my blog. It’ll surely bring a smile on your face.

9. Sleep For Sometime
If you are tired and restless, the best way to feel good is to take a nap or sleep for some time. You will feel good and have positive feelings will arise.

10. Eat Desserts
A dessert when spelled backwards is STRESSED. This means, whenever you are stressed, do eat desserts to reciprocate the feelings.

11. Take A Walk
Taking a walk in a good park or somewhere down the road alone is always a good idea. Going to the park, seeing people enjoy, spending time near nature and smelling the flowers, can always make you feel good instantly.

And if nothing works, go for a short escape to your favorite beach-destination or hill-station. It’ll surely do magic for you!
Hope these simple little things will bring happiness in your life whenever you are feeling low.
Don’t forget, there is 1 reason to be sad but there are zillion reasons to be happy. All you need is to open up your heart and welcome positivity.

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The Happiness Project
The Happiness Project

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