Urzza v/s Red bull – Which is better and why?
The energy drinks are growing faster in demand due to their energy boosting capacity!
Guys, those who know me personally know it very well that I am a soft-drink addict. Yeah, Pepsi, Limca, Frooti, Nimbooz, Appy… I can’t live without drinking these several times a day. (Yeah, I know its kinda a bad habit… what I really love ’em all) 
And since I have tasted Urzza, It is become my new favorite energy drink. Previously, I used to prefer drinking Red Bull but since, Urzza got me over since I tried it for the first time when I was on a my trip to Jaipur.
Urzza – My New Favorite Energy Drink (Review & Comparision)
Urzza and Red bull is the two energy drinks which are found in the market and has huge demand all over the world. The two drinks are said to boost the energy and rejuvenate the body to work better.
Before the Urzza and Red bull there were soft drinks which were said to be refreshing but did not give any energy after drinking it. Mr. Chauhan’s company Bisleri, identical with packaged drinking water in the country, is launching Urzza, a non-caffeine energy drink which probably doesn’t has any side-effects.
Urzza is now the favorite drink for most youngsters and players as the drink provides instant energy and relieves all the tiredness from the body. Urzza is launched and is available in leading retail stores like mom and pop stores, groceries, modern and high-end traditional trade. The price is much competitive in comparison to the red bull, though its kept INR 50 per can which is way lower than red bull.
URZZA is one of the great tasting energy booster that stimulates the mind and refreshes the body and does not contain caffeine. It is fortified with essential vitamins that help tired bodies to bounce back with energy fit for all age group. Now it is partially launched and will be available across the country by the end of this month. And the best part is, its from the most trusted name Bisleri.
So, if you guys are still waiting to try Urzza, I’ll just say go for it and decide yourself, which is better and why!

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